Who can apply?
If you are in the process of domestic infant adoption, and have a valid home study, or are within 12 months of placement of your child you may apply.
How do I apply?
Head to our “Apply” page to start your application! If the application is not currently up, we are granting families currently and it will be back up soon. In order to apply we will need your application, copy of your home study (or letter from home study provider), a letter about your faith walk from a spiritual mentor (this can be anyone, does not need to be a pastoral letter as we understand that this differs for everyone), and you will pay the one-time $65 application fee.
How Often Are Grants Awarded?
Grants are awarded three times a year in February, June and October.
How much is given in each grant?
How much is given depends on how much we have received in donations that trimester! It will vary each grant round but our goal is always to grant as many families as possible.
How are grants distributed?
We can distribute grants in a few ways, as we know well that adoption costs can add up before, during and after you are placed. We can quickly send your funds to an agency if need be and we can hold your grant in escrow until you need it. We can also distribute the funds directly towards you if you have outstanding adoption debts that need to be paid that can be provided with documentation.
Can I apply if we’ve already brought baby home?
Yes! We understand that adoption expenses don’t stop once your little one arrives. You can apply for a grant up through 12 months post placement.
Can I apply more than once?
⦁ Yes! In fact, we encourage it. You can apply as many times as you can during your adoption. If you are applying again, please email ⦁ for further instructions to avoid paying an additional application fee.
what is the application fee and where does it go?
The application fee goes directly back into Seventeen Twenty to help with costs associated with keeping our mission up and running!
Do I have to pay the application more than once?
No! If you are applying again, please email for further instructions to avoid paying an additional application fee.

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    What Is The 17:20 Fundraising Platform?
    The fundraising platform was created to allow a space for adoptive families to accomplish their fundraising goals in a way that remains focused on safety and provision. The oversharing of financial information can often be hurtful to not only the hopeful adoptive family, but the adoptee and biological family as well. We created a percentage-based goal to help protect that information for those that matter most. We also saw a need for a platform that does not take a percentage of your funds raised, because we firmly believe those funds belong to you. What you see you’ve raised, you receive.
    Who Can Use It?
    Anyone! If you are just starting or if you have already brought your little one home. In order to receive your funds, you will need to send us your approved home study, and a receipt of your expenses – so should you raise funds and then not receive a home study, those funds would not be available to you. So only start when you are sure of your goal to adopt!
    What Kind Of Adoption Qualifies Us To Use The Platform?
    Adoption in any way can be costly, and you are welcome to use out platform for any of the following: domestic adoption, international adoption, embryo adoption, adoption from foster care, step parent adoption. You will need to provide proof of expenses in order to receive your funds, alongside an explanation of those funds – so keeping that in mind, please email us if you have any questions as to what is eligible as an expense or not.
    How Is Donating To Seventeen Twenty Safer Than Other Crowd Funding Sources?
    You can tell your donors that your funds can only be used to help pay for an adoption. They can then safely donate knowing that their gifts will be used for it’s intended purpose.
    Is It Tax Deductible For Donors?
    Yes! The Seventeen Twenty Foundation is a 501(c)3, meaning that we are a non-profit and any donations that are made to your adoption are tax deductible for your donors.
    How And When Do I Receive My Funds?
    When you need them, you send an email to let us know what you need alongside documentation including the following: Approved home study (or a note from your home study provider), any and all receipts of your expenses, where you want the money sent to, if the money is to be sent to you we will need documentation of the debts that have been prepaid.
    What Qualifies As An Adoption Expense?
    o We understand that adoption expenses vary wildly in nature, and we will qualify any of the following as an adoption related expense: home study fee, agency fee, legal expenses, expectant family expenses/child related expenses in international adoption that have been legally approved by your agency or attorney, travel expenses (including air fare, lodging, car rental and food expenses only during the time of placement or finalization), medical expenses for the child immediately following birth, medical expense for yourself during embryo adoption. Things that are not a qualified adoption expense: baby clothing, furniture, or any preparation for your child in your home.
    Why Is It A Percentage-Based Goal?
    We want to be able to protect all parts of the triad in our efforts to make adoption more attainable. The oversharing of information is something that cannot be taken back, and sharing very personal financial details of your adoption story may hurt your future child along the way. We encourage you to share how close you are to your goals, and your friends and family can partner with you to watch your goal meter reach 100%!
    Does Seventeen Twenty Take A Percentage From The Funds I Have Raised?
    Nope! When your donors come to your link to donate, there is an option 2% charge that they can cover to help us keep our mission alive. If the donate $10, they can optionally donate an additional $0.20 that would go directly towards keeping our platform running and available to others along the way. You will then receive their full $10 donation, and what you see in your account is what you get. We will not take any additional percentage from your goals, as we believe they belong to you!
    What If I Raise More Money Than What Is Needed For My Adoption?
    When agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of the fundraising platform, you agree that any funds raised over the amount that you need will go straight towards our grant pool. Those funds will then go to grant others with their adoption, so that the funds can still be used for their original intended purpose.
    What Happens To My Funds If I No Longer Am Pursuing Adoption?
    If you have decided to stop pursing adoption, we will ask first that you pray over donating the funds raised towards our grant pool so that we can grant them to others on their journey. If you have outstanding adoption debt, and you are in need of paying that off we will need documentation of those debts, and payments, as well as your home study and a letter from you stating what you are in need from before we can give you those funds.
    How Long After Inactivity Do I Have To Claim My Funds?
    If you have not received a donation to your account in 12 months, you will receive an email from our team giving you 60 days to respond. You can choose to either extend your account, or see the question above if you choose to no longer pursue adoption. IF you do not respond within 60 days, your funds will be sent to the grant pool to be able to bless other adoptive families in their journey.
    Are Donations Made To My Adoption Refundable?
    No, it is up to you to inform your donors that any donations made to you for your adoption will not be able to be refundable for any reason.
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    About Us

    Who Are We?
    We are an entire team of people touched directly by adoption, who joined in a mission to make this space different than anything else that is available to you. We are not entrepreneurs or opportunists, as our families all have real and tangible adoption experience in many ways. Lead by an adoptee, we have a child centered focus at all times and believe in protecting their hearts and stories, and that if we can relieve the fear of finance we can lean further into educating ourselves in the things that are more pressing. Less focus on finances, leads our hearts to a capacity greater able to focus on listening, learning and preparing ourselves to best honor our children, their birth family, their country of origin, and their story.
    How Did We Get Started?
    Seventeen Twenty was started by Taylor and AJ Paslay in 2020. Taylor, an adoptee, and AJ the son of an adoptee, have four beautiful children, two of whom are adopted as well. It was not long into the adoption process that Taylor noticed a great disparity in the adoption world in regards to funding adoptions, privacy for the child and their birth families, and increasing adoption relating expenses nationwide. How can we come into this space with such large goals, and understand in Gods provision over our personal fears? After years of counseling hopeful adoptive families through their process, Taylor knew that helping to relieve that financial fear would then relieve families enough to be able to shift their focus to adoptees, birth family care, ethical adoption, openness and all the other topics that are often overshadowed in the lieu of cost. Our heart here is to help adoption be available to everyone, but to do so in a way that honors the intimacy of this process while bringing glory to God.
    What Is Our Mission Statement?
    Our heart here is to be “Committed to a growing kingdom, serving adoptive families by standing in the financial gap.”
    How Can We Contact You?
    For general questions, please email to receive the quickest response.
    How Can We Follow You?
    Find us on Instagram @17.20foundation and on Facebook at Seventeen Twenty Foundation
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